How to Get Your Tennessee Marriage License


Here are the basics:

  • To get married in Tennessee, you must have a Tennessee marriage license.
  • You can get your license in any county in the state and use it anywhere in the state.
  • You get a Tennessee marriage license only from a county clerk's office.
  • There is no blood test or waiting period. Get it right away and use it when you are ready. However, the license must be used within 30 days of being issued.
  • The one thing you must show up with to get your license is a government issued document with your Social Security number on it (Social Security card, passport, etc.) 
  • The marriage license costs about $100 (varies slightly by county). You can reduce the cost by $60 by getting some premarital preparation, like my marriage preparation course.

Now, things are subject to change and policies can vary some by county. I always encourage couples to contact the clerk's office directly to confirm this information and ask their questions beyond these basics. Here's a couple of websites with further information including phone numbers for county clerk's offices:

Tennessee marriage license requirements

Tennessee County Clerks Locations