Nashville Wedding Elopement Locations

The Sunken Garden
One location for an outdoor elopement wedding in Nashville is the Sunken Garden at Centennial Park. (see more pictures at Centennial Park below)

The park is in the Vanderbilt area not far from downtown Nashville. There are many hotels and restaurants in the area.

There's a replica of the Parthenon in the park. In case of rain, I've stood with couples on the steps of the Parthenon for their ceremony.

You don't have to reserve (a couple hundred bucks, I think) the Sunken Garden for a simple ceremony when you don't have a lot of guests and you're not setting up chairs & such. Of course, if someone else has reserved the garden, you would need to move to another place in the park for your ceremony.

Sometimes couples come to my home and we do a simple ceremony in front of the fireplace. I live in the Bellevue area on the western edge of Davidson County (Nashville).

There may be some other options for your elopement wedding depending on what you are wanting to do. Contact me and we can discuss it. 

Parthenon at Centennial Park
Lake at Centennial Park
Another view of the Sunken Garden